Mortgages and financial planning

Buying a house in the Netherlands can be a complex process. Where do you start? What does it involve? What do you need to secure a mortgage?

At first glance, the process seems complex. However, good preparation and a professional financial partner will make it a lot easier. At Have en Goed we‘ll have an initial meeting with you to determine your budget and individual wishes. During this first meeting you’ll get a much better understanding of how things work. It’s a good starting point for the bidding process. It’s also good to know that the first meeting is free of charge. Trust is important and we aim for a long-term relationship with our clients.

Buying a property

We’re happy to assist you with tailor-made solutions. As financial planners we pay extra attention to all aspects related to the purchase of a property and to your personal situation. We have a large network and help you get in touch with real estate agents, valuers and notary services. As independent advisors we’ll help you to choose the right lender and residential premise insurance company (we have an in-house specialist).

Personal financial plan

We draft a well-thought-out personal financial plan that provides insight into your current financial situation, financial goals and personal strategies to achieve these goals. Your personal financial plan includes details about your cash flow, savings, debts, investments, insurance and all other relevant financial elements. We take into account the Dutch tax system. Your financial plan is accessible online in your personal space and drafted in English and Dutch.

We possess all the required experience to give mortgage advice to entrepreneurs and expats, in English or French. One of the major benefits is that we give independent advice and know all the reliable parties (lenders). When doing so, we keep your personal wishes and options in mind.

Does our involvement stop after the mortgage?

Only if you want it to. We can also help you find an expat specialist to support you with regard to your taxes (in the Netherlands or abroad). If you choose Have en Goed financial planning we’ll periodically check to see if your goals and wishes are still being met.

Would you like to discuss your situation and wishes without any obligation with specialized and friendly co-thinkers?

Contact us, you are most welcome!

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